The New THS/RB-800 Metal Detection System

The New THS/RB-800 Metal Detection System

MDS are delighted to announce the introduction of the new CEIA THS/RB-800 high performance metal detection system. This innovative and unique system is designed for easy integration with any checkweigher and is particularly effective where space is limited.

Complete with a round endless belt for in-line applications this compact conveyor comes with an  integrated THS/SL21 metal detector.

System Benefits

  • Round belt design eliminates metal contamination risk, achieving maximum sensitivity
  • The hygienic conveyor design allows for easy inspection
  • The conveyor’s skid plate and belt can both be removed in seconds for cleaning, without the need for tools
  • Belt speed  is digitally adjusted and has the option of automatic synchronization with the following conveyor
  • The unit is fully compliant with HACCP criteria
  • Electronics have a high immunity to environmental interference
  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel
  • MS21 Multi-spectrum technology gives the most accurate compensation of the product effect
  • Automatic learning & tracking of product effect
  • Up to 500 product data memories can be stored which are selectable by local programming or via network software

Seamless Integration

The new CEIA THS/RB-800 has been developed as a solution where seamless integration into your checkweigher system is required. The main design consideration behind this new system, is a conveyor which allows the high sensitivity performance of the metal detector to be maintained throughout its lifetime.

With a length of only 800 mm, the unit’s its footprint is very small and allows it to fit in front of your checkweigher and take up minimal space. The simple electrical integration required allows the metal reject function to be carried out by the checkweigher. Conveyor belt maintenance is minimal due to its unique design, which allows skid plate removal in seconds without the requirement for tools.

Our data sheet provides full dimensional and technical information and can be downloaded by following this link.

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