Metal Detection For Every Product Application

Metal Detection For Every Product Application

CEIA metal detectors provide immunity to interference and response speeds that exceed the most stringent quality control standards.

Model THS/3F Multiple Products

The THS/3F metal detector provides excellent results on multi-product lines, where individual products have very different conductivity characteristics. The automatic frequency selection function chooses the optimum of three available frequencies for the product in transit.

Model THS/FB Conveyed Products

THS/FB conveyor belts satisfy the most stringent requirements of functionality, compact construction, accuracy and reliability. The belts offer total integration with CEIA's high-performance THS metal detectors, and feature an extremely sanitary stainless steel structure, digital control of belt speed, and ejection of non-conforming products.

Model THS/G Free-Falling Products

The THS/G inspects foods, powders, granules and other loose materials transported in free-fall through tubes. The system can signal an integrated packaging machine when contaminated product is detected, and when fitted with a reject valve, remove contaminating magnetic and non-magnetic metals.

Model THS/PLV Liquid & Viscous Products

The THS/PLV is a compact integrated system designed for metal contaminant detection and elimination in products transported by pipeline, especially meat, soup, poultry, seafood and other prepared foods. Parts in contact with product can be quickly disassembled for fast and thorough cleaning.