CEIA supplies EMA-3 Bottle and Liquid Analyser to Australian Airports

CEIA supplies EMA-3 Bottle and Liquid Analyser to Australian Airports

CEIA, a leading provider of security screening equipment, has expanded its installation base of the EMA-3 Liquid Analyser to Australia Airports. Thirteen of these liquid analyzer units have been installed at seven of the major airports including Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin and Adelaide to inspect bottles and their contents in order to reveal the presence of explosive liquids.

The screening procedure is extremely simple, thanks to the automatic recognition of the bottle in the inspection cavity. In just a few seconds, the analyzer provides a positive response (OK) or an alarm message without the need for any interpretation on the part of the operator. The device analyses the entire volume of the bottle and can screen liquids in plastic, glass and ceramic bottles. 

The electromagnetic field generated within the inspection cavity is of weak intensity and non-ionizing, and is safe both for the liquids and for the operator. Calibration is automatic.

The EMA-3 is certified according to the EU Standard 2 for Bottled Liquid Scanners (BLS) in use for airports.

CEIA is a market leader in the manufacture of Metal Detectors and other security control devices, with more than 40 years of experience. The walk-through Metal Detectors for airport security comply with the most stringent requirements specified by the competent Authorities and provide automatic identification of metal threats over the whole body of the passenger, including the body cavities, together with the maximum possible transit flow-rate thanks to their outstanding discrimination of metal personal effects.