CEIA Metal Detectors

CEIA Metal Detectors

CEIA Metal Detectors

Metal Detectors available from Fenix Systems detect all kinds of metal elements, magnetic and non-magnetic, including stainless steel. Proper metal detector configurations enable detections of tiniest metal contaminations in order for the consumers to receive safe products.

A suitable metal detector can increase production speed and limit production costs. The metal detectors feature high speed and efficiency. They are simple to operate and safe to use and can be successfuly used in any factory.

  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, imncluding stainless steel
  • Multi-frequency technology for maximum sensoitivity to produkt effect variations
  • Autolearn and automatic tracking of the produkt effect
  • High level of electronic and mechanical reliability
  • Full compliance with HACCP criteria
  • IP69K version available

Conveyor-fed Metal Detector

Gravity-fed Metal Detector

Pipe-installed Metal Detector

Pharmaceutical Metal Detector