CEIA GmbH fully operational on the German Security Market

CEIA GmbH fully operational on the German Security Market

The youngest affiliated company of CEIA is now fully operational in the German market as a new strategic point of contact in the central Europe.

Born on April 2010 in Eltville, near Frankfurt, CEIA GmbH is supporting German authorities and customers and will participate to the main security exhibitions and conferences that take place in Germany. The first one is “European Police Congress” in Berlin from February 15th to 16th.

CEIA GmbH is able to give fast technical support to local customers, in their own language achieving a rising customer satisfaction.

CEIA GmbH can offer all the Security Equipment produced by CEIA.

CEIA is a leading manufacturer of Security Metal Detectors with more than 40 years of experience. CEIA Metal Detectors for airport security comply with the requirements specified by the competent authorities providing automatic detection of metal targets/threats over the entire body, even in cavities, and the maximum flow-rate thanks to unsurpassed discrimination of personal metal belongings. In order to increase the security and the throughput of an Airport Security Checkpoint, additional equipment provided by CEIA are the SAMD Shoe Analyzer and the EMA Bottled Liquid Scanner.

For Cargo Screening CEIA also offer a solution that will drastically improve the screening of non-metallic commercial cargo such as produce, seafood, meats, printed materials, flowers and apparel. The EMIS (Electro-Magnetic Inspection Scanner) quickly and accurately screens packages or pallets using a harmless, low intensity electromagnetic field to ensure there are no explosive devices hidden within. This method of inspection does not require visual interpretation of an image, unlike typical x-ray scanners. Threats can be identified throughout the entire stack of cargo minimizing operator interaction with the goods.