Advanced Textile Digital Metal Detector

Advanced Textile Digital Metal Detector

Advanced Textile Digital Metal Detector

The CEIA TE-SLD digital range of metal detectors are the perfect solution for protecting production lines against accidental damage caused by metal contaminants that are accidently introduced into the manufacturing process alongside the material being produced.

The TE-SLD is part of our family of micro-sensitive bar metal detectors whose high quality and reliability are universally recognised by many of the world’s leading textile manufacturers. They are also routinely built into many textile machinery manufacturer’s standard equipment.

Key Benefits of the CEIA TE-SLD Textile Metal Detector

  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals, including stainless steel so a wide range of contaminants will be detected.
  • Extremely high detection speed so suitable for high volume manufacturing applications.
  • High immunity to environmental interference such as electromagnetic or temperature fluctuations so a reduction in false detections.
  • Digital analysis of the signal with full programming options for all operating parameters.
  • High level of electronic and mechanical reliability meaning very low maintenance requirements.
  • Easy installation with very low headroom and can be retrofitted to existing lines.

The TE-SLD Metal Detector signals the presence of magnetic and non-magnetic metal fragments, both on the exterior and in the interior of the product, and stops the machine and alerts the operators to the problem.

Sensitivity can be adjusted digitally depending on the size of the metal fragments which must be detected and intercepted. A special detection memory function also reveals the passage of several consecutive fragments. The compact nature of the TE-SLD Metal Detector facilitates installation where space is at a premium and means that the unit can be retrofitted into many existing lines or machines.

Digital signal analysis allows the user to optimise the detection parameters with respect to the product’s speed of passage and the metals to be intercepted. This ensure the unit has the best possible immunity to any external interference, while still being able to perform at very high accuracy.

By avoiding damage to your production line and the consequent interruptions to your manufacturing process, the TE Slim Line Metal Detector can pay for itself with a few interceptions.

The TE-SLD Metal Detector is tested to conform to Electrical Safety and Electromagnetic Compatibility standards required for the CE mark.

If you have an application you would like to discuss, our technical sales team would be happy to arrange a visit so they can advise you on the possible solutions that are available. Please use this form to request a call back.